Katrina and Kay

Katrina has been in the Study Connection program since she was in 2nd grade.  Katrina has gone through a lot in her young life. Her younger sister was born with a defect in her heart and died when she was 3. Katrina also has an older sister with Down Syndrome.  As a result, Katrina didn’t get the attention she needed in her formative years and started to exhibit attention seeking behaviors. She cried a lot at school and was disruptive in class.

Then, when Katrina was in 4th grade her parents divorced, her dad moved out of the state, Katrina and her mom moved in with a friend and her older sister went to live with her grandparents.  It was a very unsettling time in Katrina’s life.

She was first referred to Study Connection when she repeated 2nd grade. She was struggling emotionally and having trouble with her academics.  She hated school and didn’t have many friends.

By the end of her first year in Study Connection both Katrina and her mom had noticed a significant improvement in her self confidence.  Her teacher said that Katrina had a tendency to “shut down, to avoid the things she dislikes or fears.  Big Sister Kay has done a great job with understanding Little Sister Katrina and helping her to face those things.”

Katrina still struggles but over the years she has shown improvement in her self confidence, her ability to express her feelings, her ability to make decisions, her classroom behavior and her attitude toward school.  Teachers have said that her ongoing involvement in Study Connection has been a huge key in all of these improvements.