Changing Lives for the Better,…Forever

There are over 8.5 million “at risk” Children in America

An at-risk student is a term used in the United States to describe a child who requires temporary or ongoing intervention in order to succeed in life. This includes simple circumstances such as single parent households and  custodial grandparents, who need help, to more complex issues of, low academic performance, high use of drugs and alcohol, inability to socialize properly, abusive home situations and many other conditions. 

Now YOU can be a part of the Solution.

Hugh & Cody together 9 Years

Your support can help Big Brothers Big Sisters defend the potential of these confused children.  All these kids need is a shot through purposeful leadership and mentoring.  The outcomes are incredible!

How Can YOU Help?

It’s really simple.  Your monthly gift of $5, $10, or any amount that you choose will help us cover the costs of helping develop the potential of these kids.  YOU can be a part of the team for less than the cost of a daily trip to the coffee shop.  So take the first step to helping children TODAY with your donation.