Match of the Month

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southwest Colorado Match of the Month
Hugh and Cody a life long Friendship

Trust and honesty are two of the most Important ties between Cody and Hugh.  In the 11 years they have been together, Cody never once doubted his ease of communication with Hugh… being able to call at any time (24/7), to talk, ask for advice, or a helping hand.  From 4th grade, and now a High School graduate, Cody now looks down on Hugh!  But only because he has grown to a manly 6’4”. He will forever look up to Hugh for their growth together.  

According to Hugh, they bonded over the book “Talking to the Ground”, a Navajo creation story.  Since Cody’s heritage is Navajo, and learning to read and understand the meaning of words was a chore Cody and Hugh took on together, this book set their relationship in stone.   Not to forget, traveling, camping, fishing, shooting hoops, and playing baseball. Boys will be boys.

Cody hopes to pursue a college degree in Art.  His skills and passion with this subject are to be admired. We’re giving a high five for Cody and Hugh and their continued, lasting friendship.