Match of the Month

By way of introduction, my name is Mckenzie and I am so fortunate to be a Big Sister with Big Brothers Big Sisters. I have been matched with my “Little” Lacy since February of 2019.  Lacy is 12 and I am 24.  We are over a decade apart, but we share more in common than most people realize.  I can honestly say that Lacy is often my mentor and my motivation. She has taught me more lessons than I can count on two hands.  If you’re ever questioning to join Big Brothers Big Sisters, my little and I say- JUMP! Jump into the unknown and embark on a wonderful, exciting adventure of mentorship, friendship and memories!

One of the magical things about embarking on a brand new adventure is that you have little of an idea of where you may end up or whom you might end up with. That is the magic of adventure it’s a ride into the unknown with someone unfamiliar and into a memorable experience that shapes you and the person you are with for years to come.  My little Lacy and I wanted to share one of our adventures with you:

It was the middle of July of 2019, the smell of sunscreen and colorful PFD’s (Personal Flotation Device) big and small, lined the Animas riverbank. There were fifty or more Bigs and Littles readying to board our respective river rafts for a nice afternoon outing float. My little Lacy was so excited! Yet here I was, her Big, nervous about boarding the raft. I was worried about the cold water. I was wondering if Lacy would be scared about the rapids and I was also questioning whether we were going to be one of the [un]lucky ones who would get soaked by the raging rapids? Or would we be so lucky and skirt even just a drop of the frigid turquoise blue waters?  My little was impatient and excitedly looking around. With each minute that passed she kept asking how long it would be until we were off and on our rafting excursion.  Finally, much successful planning on BBBS’s part, we boarded the rafts and began quickly making our way down the river!

We were swirling and twirling through eddies; whooshing and plopping over drops and rocks and laughing to our hearts content!  We clung tightly to the tops of our blue and yellow paddles and pushed and paddled until our arms nearly fell off!  Right as we neared the biggest of the three rapids, my eyes grew large, and I suddenly heard Lacy laugh and yell from behind me,


Her encouragement and excitement got me excited for what was to come, even though I knew it was going to be a blistering cold. Our heartbeats raced and the butterflies in our stomachs grew into pterodactyls as we quickly dropped into that first massive rapid! A veil of water covered our smiling, sunburned smiles. We were glazed and shocked, but the laughter became a roar of gut-deep chuckles. 

The promise of a cold, red, white and blue popsicle at the end of this ride was next on my list, besides a warm, dry towel. We bumped and glided into the remaining two rapids and paddled to the end.  Lacy disembarked the raft with a skip and a hop, still laughing and smiling but much to my surprise, she was laughing and smiling at how soaking wet I was and how she had managed to stay mostly dry.  I made sure to wrap her in a tight, sopping-wet hug.  Then, we made our way to our fellow Bigs and Littles for some sun and popsicles. Needless to say, that day, Lacy I knew that if we could laugh through massive rapids, we could laugh through anything.  No matter where we are or what we are doing, we always find a way to enjoy ourselves. She has left a rippling effect on my life and on the ways I think, say and do. 

Cody Graduates from DHS

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southwest Colorado Match of the Month
Hugh and Cody a life long Friendship

Trust and honesty are two of the most Important ties between Cody and Hugh.  In the 11 years they have been together, Cody never once doubted his ease of communication with Hugh… being able to call at any time (24/7), to talk, ask for advice, or a helping hand.  From 4th grade, and now a High School graduate, Cody now looks down on Hugh!  But only because he has grown to a manly 6’4”. He will forever look up to Hugh for their growth together.  

According to Hugh, they bonded over the book “Talking to the Ground”, a Navajo creation story.  Since Cody’s heritage is Navajo, and learning to read and understand the meaning of words was a chore Cody and Hugh took on together, this book set their relationship in stone.   Not to forget, traveling, camping, fishing, shooting hoops, and playing baseball. Boys will be boys.

Cody hopes to pursue a college degree in Art.  His skills and passion with this subject are to be admired. We’re giving a high five for Cody and Hugh and their continued, lasting friendship.  

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