Success Stories

One boy was struggling with family life and in school.  His Big Brother inspired him to read about his heritage..  Ning years later the boy graduated from high school.

One of our mothers, a widow credits the Big Brothers Big Sisters program with saving her two young boys from bad influences and development during their formative years.

One of our Littles, went through the entire program and graduated then went on to graduate from college with an accounting degree. She subsequently came back and worked for her Big Sisters firm.

  • We have over 15 high school children that are acting as Bigs in our school-based program. What an inspiration.
  • Recently we have admitted a child to the program whose mother had passed away recently and father was detained by ICE. Parentless she is living with aunts and uncles who are unable to help the child develop their potential.
  • Matched for six years, the Little calls her Big her grandma, because she’s the closest thing she has to one – being an immigrant, most of her family is not in the country and those that are are not fluent in English. When the little girls aunt passed away earlier this year her big sis was the first person she wanted to talk to.
    15 High School Based Mentors